Machang guest house

Guest house di Jajahan Machang


Location In town
Guest house GH 800
Accommodations Terrace house, 3 bedrooms ( 2 rooms w/double bed), all rooms w/fan, 2 toilets, with kitchen and fridge, TV with sofa.
Rate RM180/night
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Location In town ( between Jalan Machang – Pasir Puteh )
Guest house GH 801
Accommodations Terrace house. 3 rooms ( Master bedroom w/AC), 2 toilets, TV ASTRO with sofa, kitchen with cooking facilities.
Rate Please call
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Location kpg. Pulai Chondong ( between main road Jalan Machang – Kota Bharu )
Guest house GH 802
Accommodations 1st floor at Shop Lot. 3 bedrooms (Master bedroom w/AC) , 2 toilets. TV ASTRO with sofa. Kettle will be provided.
Rate RM200/night
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